legend Becomes Reality

       When human's and demons had walked this Earth together in an eternal fight for survival their lived a young women who had fallen deeply in love with a Phoenix Youkai. Her name was Sarnia. The man she had fallen in love with was powerful and was liked by even mortal's. Sarnia was not as liked as most women. She had a dirty mouth and was known for witchcraft.

    To make this demon be her's she cast a love spell that rendered herself powerless. This demon had been a king and let his eyes fall upon the powerless witch. He smiled and took her into his arm's. There they conceived a child. A child who would one day rule as a queen over the northern lands.

    The child had those big baby purple eyes that when looked at closely you could see some gold set in them. He hair was brown and she had a tail that changed color's in the sun. On her cheeks were the marks of hearts and on her back spread two tiny wings. She was Achika, half demon and half human. The first half breed of her time.

    Things were not to be happy. The king was wounded to bad in a war to heal quickly enough to show the child her powers. Things began to go wrong. The Princess Achika was out of control and killed over a quarter of the people and land her father ruled over. With his last bit of strength he incased his three year old daughters soul in a crystal called the Blue Phoenix Aura. So ended the Kings life and it was said that he took his daughter soul with him to the other. The fury of his daughter calmed. But to make sure she would not regret what she had done her mother, Sarnia, used her own soul to purify Achika's thought's and then joining her husband in the heavens.

    The child was now immortal like she should have been from Brith, but had not been. Her body grew till it reached that of a sixteen year old and then grew no more. The mystery of what happened to her parents bothered her deeply and after five hundred years the life of royalty bored her. More then anything in the world she wanted to be free of all her duties and she was going to make that dream, come true tonight.

    "Princess Achika were are you?!" Three servants cried as they looked for there master. She never answered. "Please answer us!" She cried again hoping to her back from her.

    "Camille we cannot find her." The tall servant said to Achika's protector and advisor.

    "Keep looking. She may have run away again. Send out her pet hawk. He will find he and alert us on her were-about's." Camille said with her arms crossed facing the window. The servants left the room and went to release the bird. It soured high into the vast ocean of sky and disappeared into the sunset. -You will not escape your duties that easily princess.- Camille thought with a sigh.

    Achika looked about to make sure she was not followed. She sniffed the air and narrowed her eyes. -They've sent out Drake.- she thought. -I wont give up. I will get away this time.- She smiled slightly and jumped over a tree branch that stood out of the ground and in her way. She ran as fastshe could without putting to much of her scent in the air knowing that by now they would have also let loose the dogs.

    She held up her long white dress. It was different from her everyday Kimono. It was a long white dress that came out at the bust and had see through short sleeves. She had cut off the kimono type sleeves so as not to get them caught in the tree. Her hair was pulled back with a black ribbon and her hearts on her cheeks were now flushed a deeper red from running. She had used he demon powers to remove her wings for the time being. They were way to big and clashed with her dress.

    She turned as she heard the dogs coming behind her. "Not today mutts." She spat jumping into the pond that stretched for mile's in front of her. She had surveyed this pond for a year now to make sure her escape would be perfect. She turned to look back at the dogs and just as she had expected they lost her scent at the waters edge.

    She laughed and swam viscously to get to the other side. She swam for at least an hour then she saw the shore. Squealing happily she swam faster and soon reached the shore. It was sandy and there were acre's of woods in front of her. -When I get through those woods I'll be out of the boundaries of my father's world and into a new one of adventure and danger. Do I really want to go?- she asked herself. -Yes. I've come to far to get cold feet now.- She nodded in approval at her own words then leapt into a run.

    Into the tree's she was again and she knew if she could make it to the end then the hawk, Drake, would not follow that far. She would be safe till Camille sent the guards after her outside the woods to bring her back. Her heart soured as the sun went over the last of the trees and came out into a beautiful night sky.

    "Inu-Yasha, where is Miroku and Shippo?" Kagome asked looking around widely for her two missing friends.

He shrugged. "Dunno. They were here a minute ago." He replied. "Maybe that pervert has gone to spy on the village women again." Inu-Yasha remarked.

    "That's not funny." Kagome replied bleakly. She frowned at her companion. -Then again it is Mirkou. But he wouldn't do that...would he?- Kagome began to think. But no sooner did her thought's start to get her worried then Miroku and Shippo came into Keade's home.

    "Where were you two at?" Inu-Yasha said suspiciously. Kagome kicked him in the leg.

    "So did you find anything interesting." Inu-Yasha raised an eyebrow at Kagome, again she kicked him. "I didn't mean that." She mumbled to Inu-Yasha.

    "Sure you never." He said with an evil grin. Miroku looked at the both of them. " We went picking fruit by the woods, see." He said holding up a basket of fruit.

    "Cool. What kind of fruit?" Kagome asked looking hungry.

    "Well we have apples and these red heart things and..."

    -Finally real fruit. Not like the stuff Inu-yasha makes us eat. Yuck.- she said staring at all the types of fruit Mirioku and Shippo had collected. -Wow Strawberries, Raspberries, Apples, Blueberries.- she screamed in her head. Inu-Yasha stared at the stupid grin on Kagome's face.

    Shippo also looked at Kagome. Kagome reached out a hand to pick up a Strawberry when she heard a scream. -No not now.- she wined in her head.

    "Come on Kagome." Miroku said grabbing Kagome out of the home and outside. Outside a demon flew overhead. Kagome felt a twang in he stomach.

    "Inu-Yasha he has a shard." She cried to him as he peered up at the beast in the sky. He seemed to be carrying a prey of some sort. With a closer inspection he saw it was a women.

    He jumped into the sky and hit the demon in the head. The demon dropped the cursing women and turned to face Inu-Yasha.

    "Another half-breed. Hopefully you put up a better fight then that one." The demon said with a sneer.

    Inu-Yasha smirked. "Don't worry. I'll do much better. Die demon!" He cried charging forward with the Tetsusaiga. The demon dodged the attack and swiped at Inu-Yasha who managed to get away.

    Kagome rushed over into the battle field to help the still cursing girl from the ground. "Fine thank's." Achika said with a bow. She then leapt into the air and cut the demon in two. "Your service are no longer needed." Inu-Yasha blinked.

    "If you could have done that in the beginning why didn't you do it?" He asked a little peeved that he was not the one to kill the demon.

    "I required him to take me from where I was. He would not have done so if he had known." Achika relied simply. A sweat bead trickled down the side of Inu-Yasha's head. -strange girl.- he thought. Kagome came forward and picked a shard off the ground. She mad e thumbs up sign to Inu-Yasha.

    "So who are you?" Kagome asked looking Achika over.

    "My name is Achika. I came here to speak with a half demon called Inu-Yasha." She said looking at Kagome.

    "I'm Inu-Yasha. What is it you want to speak with me about?" He asked interested in what she had to say and at the same time not.

    "I want to ask you if I could join you on your hunt for the Shikon Jewel shards. I do not want anything in return but trust. I want to see the world and to be on such an adventure it would show me all." She bowed slightly.

He stared at her. "Why would I want..." Kagome covered his mouth.

    "Excuse me a sec." She said pulling Inu-Yasha to the side.

    "A sec???" Achika said in wounder.

    "Inu-Yasha this girl can be helpful to us. Now you can have some help killing the demons in our way." Kagome said. Miroku and Shippo nodded in approval.

    "I don't trust her. She stinks of a half demon and she may want the jewel for herself. To take her with us is to be handing her the shards." He growled back.

    "I have a good feeling about her." Kagome said. "Your just jealous because she killed that demon no problem and you didn't." She scolded.

    "That's not it at all. I don't want another..." He stopped at the sight of Kagomes face.

    "Another what?" She asked in a very stern tone.

    "Ahhhh..." He sputtered.

    "If you don't let her stay I will say over twenty of the 'S' words and then who'll be the fool?" She said forming the word and threatening to say it. Miroku and Shippo gave there pleading faces.

    "Huh. Fine but she's not my problem." He barked, pardon the pun, as he walked back into Keade's home.

    "Sure you can stay." Kagome said with a slight smile. Achika just looked at them and smiled back.

    "So Miroku, you're a priest." Achika said after she had settled down in Keade's comfy home. Miroku nodded.

    "Your royalty aren't you." He said looking at he as he popped some berries in his mouth.

    "How...did you know?" She asked in surprise.

    "The way you walk, talk, and bow every time you finish saying something." He pointed out.

    "What's royalty doing out in the real world?" Inu-Yasha asked.

    "I ran away. I don't ever want to go back either. I had it planned for weeks but now it has come true. I have gotten away from those who kept me from this vast world and now I'm here with you nice people." She answered. Inu-Yasha jumped up.

    "And what would happen if they accidently found out where you were?" He said with a grin.

    "SIT." Kagome said in a annoyed tone. "Don't worry none of us will tell on you." She said glaring at the dog demon who was face first into the floor. Achika looked on in confusion.

    "What's wrong? Your hearts are disappearing." Shippo said.

    "Oh that happens if I get depressed or confused. They go and I become human. I don't understand how you can do such thing's." Achika said starring in awe at the fallen Inu-Yasha.

    "See those beads on his neck." Achika nodded. "Well whenever Kagome say's sit he will fly into the ground because of the spell in those beads." Miroku said with a laugh.

    Achika's hearts faded back as she began to understand. "I like it." She said poking Inu-Yasha in the side. He began to growl till he heard the 'S' start to come out of Kagome's mouth. He stopped and sat up. "So what do you do around here for fun?" She asked with a bright smile.

    "Life with us will not be fun your highness." Inu-Yasha said almost making fun of her title.

    "Call me Achika. When I am with you I am only that and nothing more." She bowed slightly as she normally did then sat down to rub Shippo's head. Shippo relaxed under the messuage.

    Two weeks had gone by and Achika was learning the ways of the outside world. There was no sign of any of the guards in any village on the alert for her whereabout's. It was like a dream come true. Total freedom. Her heart sang with the bird's and her eyes would lit up when new adventures were to happen. Time was being cut short thought. She knew they would find her soon. And she was right.

    Inu-Yasha and all his companions made there way through the woods when all of a sudden a huge light beam hit the ground in front of them. It was worse then Achika had feared. The had paid demons to find her and bring her back. Her friends were now in big trouble.
    Achika inched back behind Inu-Yasha and hid behind him. "We are here for the Princess Achika. Hand her over now or meet your death." The tall one said glaring at them.

    "No." Inu-Yasha said calmly. He had somewhat gotten used to Achika and was not about to let these monsters have her. He drew the Tetsusaiga and lurched forward to slice the taller demon in two. He missed. Kagome went to hide like everyone else when some one grabbed her.

    "Princess. Come along quietly or this girl will die." Achika twirled around to see Camille standing with a sword to Kagome's neck.

    "Camille...no don't!" Achika said in surprise at her advisors actions. "Let her go Camille. What do you think you are doing?" She scolded.

    "I made a promise to your parents that I would take care of you and keep you safe. You will return to the castle with me and take on your responsibilities as you were born to do. There will be no more nonsense about living like a common person. Like it or not you are a princess who will one day be queen. And until you are queen you will listen to me." Camille commanded harshly.

    "You are not my mother and you do not tell me what to do. I am over five hundred years old and I will not take order's from you. I live my life as I wish and you cannot stop me. The only thing you are doing is making me angry. So let Kagome go this instant or pay the price." Achika's hearts were disappearing again. This time strips were replacing the hearts.

    Camille's eyes lit up in fear as the princess began to breath heavy. He chest rose and fell. Camille let Kagome go and told the demons to run for it. The stopped their fight with Inu-Yasha and left as there job was over. Camille stepped back as Achika approached her.

    "Your suppose to be my friend instead you tend to be my boss. Kagome let me do as I liked as long as I was happy. You kept me locked up in a castle all my life against my own will. Even with all my power you had a hold on my life. It's gone on to long. I want to explore the lands forbidden to me. I want to be part of the world as an equal to other and not more. You deny me everything I want to suit your own needs. I'm sick of it." Her eyes flared in rage.

    Camille shrank in fear. "We can strike a compromise." Camille quivered. "Just please calm done Achika." Camille said huddling next to a tree.

    "Achika at least listen to what she has to say." Inu-Yasha said. For once he wanted this to end in talk and not in violence because he realized who this girl was and knew what she was capable of. Inside, he to was afraid.

    Achika's eyes began to sooth as Shippo dared to come forward and hug her leg. She settled down and her hearts were back. The transformation did not happen. "Talk." She said to Camille.

    "Well. How about you tell me what you want so we can both get what we want. So we can both be happy." She said getting up and letting out a sigh of relief.

    "I want to be able to see my new friend's." She said smiling at Kagome and them. "I want to travel with them." Achika looked at Camille who seemed to be in deep thought.

    "Then how about this. You can go with them if you promise to come back home at least seven time in a run of a month." Camille said hopping out of her thought's.



    "Alright seven." Achika said shaking on it.

    "Are you coming now?" Camille asked with a cherry smile.

    "No. There is still much of this world I wish to see. I will come back in two weeks." The princess laughed. Both friends hugged each other good-bye and said their fear well's as each went their own separate way into the vast ocean that was called Earth.

                                        The End

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