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Part:  Naraku’s Obsession

     Naraku looked solemnly out the window.  The tall dark trees behind his home
could be seen clearly.  The sky was dark now and the moon was high in the sky with its
crescent tips covered by the clouds.  He sighed inwardly and took a sip of the tea a servant
girl just poured up for him.  He waved a hand at her to leave and he was once again left
alone to bury himself in his deep thoughts.  He’s eyebrows knitted together as he seemed
to think of something unsettling.  He growled to himself slightly then smiled.
     The Skikon No Tama will not be enough.  He thought putting down the cup and
standing up.  After all it is said that no matter how strong one is there is always some
one who will come along and be stronger.  He glared at his own reflection.   He broke
the mirror the as he watched himself and realized his imperfection.
     He called to the servant girl who came running in to clean up the mess. She bent
down carefully as to not cut herself and look incompetent in front of her lord.  She could
feel some glass dig into her knee but she bit her lip so she would yelp in surprise or pain.
    Then she looked up for a brief moment. “My Lord.”  She said in a hushed whisper.  “Your
hand.  Are you ok?”  He glared at her a moment and then smiled.  His smile was not one
of good but one of evil.  The kind of look you would expect from some one plotting
something in his head.  The girl shivered and stared back down to the floor.
     “Tocha?  Is that your name?”  The girl nodded as she watched the floor.  She
played with the dressings of her kimono as she felt herself being stared down by his ice
cold eyes.  “I want you to find me a man who can tell me tails of powerful creation
throughout mankind’s existence.  Do you think you can handle that?”  The girl looked up
in surprise.  What would her lord want with a story teller?
     “Yes My Lord.  Right away. I will fetch the finest in the world as soon a possible.”
She smiled and left with a bow.  Anything to get away from the castle.  So many deaths
were happening.  She was afraid for her own safety.
     Naraku turned on his heals and made his way back to sit on his futon.  Kagura
came, unannounced, into his room.  She wore her same angry expression she always had
on her face.  Her hatred for her own creator grew more and more with each passing day
that he remained in control of her and her siblings.  “I couldn’t help but overhear your
conversation.  Why would you want a story teller here?”  She asked daringly, waiting for
him to get angry with her so that she would then know he was hiding something.  She
knew what the consequences could be for her spying on him but she knew he needed her
     “I have a plan that does not concern you Kagura.  It will not concern any of you
actually.  But I do have another mission for you and Kanna.  I need you two to collect the
remaining pieces of the shards from Inu-yasha and his followers.”  He smiled once more
each corner of his mouth twisting upward as he thought of all the power he would have if
his plan would work out the way he was hoping it to.
     Kagura pursed her lips for a moment and when she realized he had nothing further
to say she left in search of Kanna.  Naraku watched Kagura leave and sneered.  She would
have to go soon.  He knew Kagura was trying to evade him at every cost and he would
soon have to do something about it.  He looked out the window again and saw the servant
girl leave down below him.  If she was able to find his a good story teller perhaps he could
find a new powerful creation that would keep him one step ahead of the rest.
     He would kill her if she came back alone, but seeing the fear on her face when she
had been in that room he knew she was not stupid enough to do that.  He lounged around
at the thought that perhaps if there was something out there as powerful or more powerful
then Shkon no Tama then maybe even demons would fear him with that kind of power in
his hands.  Yes that kind of power.

To be continued...

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