A Treasure in the Palm of his Hands
   Part 3

     Achika awoke in a large room which held odd things that she had never seen before.  There was a large comfy bed and three large rugs on the floor.  Two dressers and a head to toe mirror in the closest corner.  There where no windows to look out of and the only thing she could remember was Sessho-maru helping her with Otaku, then taking her away.  She had put up a fight against him till her strength weakened and she had passed out, only to wake up and find herself in a odd room with odd furnishings.
     She heard footsteps outside but they passed the door.  She sighed and straightened up slowly afraid she would find something she would not like to find.  She heard more footsteps this time they stopped outside the door and the door opened.  It was the guy who took her prisoner.  Sessho-maru stepped into the room casually and he lit another candle in the room for more light.
     “So you are awake.”  He said putting down a tray of assorted food for her to eat.  She nudged her way over to the food and looked at it.  Examining it before she ate it.  He watched her carefully and then removed the aura from his pocket.  “Do you know what this is?”  He asked after thinking long and hard
about this girl.
     “No.  I do not.”  She said with her head held high and he face not looking at his own.
     “Really...then why do you react to it.”  He dropped it to the floor and she fell with it, hitting the floor hard.
     “Naaaa..”  She groaned as she got up and glared at him.  “Its nothing that concerns you.”  She growled timidly.
     “Really...I heard rumors about this jewel.”  He said bringing her chin up to look into her eyes. ~She is quite beautiful for a half demon.~ He thought with a chuckle.  She turned her head and blushed.  She was not use to the look he was giving her and she found her face very hot with embarrassment as he
pulled her closer to him.  He found himself drawn to this girl in ways he could not understand.  He brushed his lips off hers and her heart lurched into her throat.  She leaned into his kiss and found her arms wrapped around him tightly, clutching him to her.  He let the kiss end and she caught herself from whimpering.  “The rumor I heard was that it held a soul in it and whoever held the soul must marry the person who’s soul is entrapped inside.  Is this your soul.  Am I the lucky man who is suppose to be yours forever more.  Bond by not only spell but by heart.  I took you here to exchange you for Tetsusaiga but now I am not sure if the sword is so important to me.  It is you who I long for now.”  Achika’s voice was caught in her throat and she nodded her answer.
He smiled finally she got her voice back.
     “Only one man may hold the jewel and that man is the man who owns me.  My match, my soulmate.”  She said leaning her head into his chest.  He held her close to him for a minute and kissed her forehead.  He led her out of the room.
     “I guess I will fetch us a priest.”  He grinned at her lovingly and her hearts faded in confusion.
     “Why a priest?”
     “Well if I am you soulmate and you mine then it is only best we marry right away.”  Achika felt her face flush again at her stupidity then she nodded and he left.  He came back with a priest and some people to witness the marriage.  Before she could say ‘I do’ Otaku flew into the window and ripped into Sessho-marus side.  The lord fell and Achika felt a sharp claw hit the side of her face.  She fell onto her ass and looked at her wounded love on the floor.  He was knocked out.
     In sheer angry she got up with a long glow around her body.  In fear, the guest fled as her hearts became strips and she became a full demon.  She turned into a large phoenix bird and ate Otaku whole but her mind was as blank as unused sheet of paper and she broke a hole in wall and flew out into the world.  Sessho-maru woke to see her fly off and he cursed on Otaku.  He got us with a wobble and went after her.  She was fast and she was killing everyone and
everything in sight leaving a bloody trail for Sessho-maru to follow.  The path was lined with dead humans, demons and animals of all shape and size.  Most of them where burnt from the fire of her wings and he knew that the old legend used to scare small children was not a legend but was the truth.  And if all the legend is right, nothing will stop her except a deathor to knock her
out.  ~How the hell do you knock out a bird that size.~ His heart caught in his throat as he thought of how his only chance may be to kill her.  He finally found some one he loved and now her he may end up to be her killer.

     Kagome and Inu-yasha left Miroku and Sango to follow a trail of fallen dead bodies.  Inu-yasha held his nose at the stench and then they saw the bird flying in the sky with Sessho-maru hot on its , pardon the pun, tail.  Inu-yasha lifted Kagome onto his back and caught up with his elder brother.  “I’m guessing that’s Achika.”  Inu-yasha said with a low growl.  Sessho-maru nodded.  “What the fuck did you say to her?”  Inu-yasha demanded.
     “How do we stop her?”  He asked ignoring his younger brothers question.
     “I have an idea but we have to get her to land.”  Kagome said. ~She’s a phoenix and just like in the legend all phoenix’s rise from the ashes after they burn...I hope its not just a myth.~ Kagome thought.  Inu-yasha and Sessho-maru forced Achika to land and Kagome ran out with a torch in her hand.  Sessho-marus eyes widened and tried to stop Kagome but Inu-yasha caught him just as the torch hit the bird.  It went up in flames and it screeched in pain as the flames lapped at it body.  In less then a minute she was nothing but Ashes and she did not rise.  Kagome felt her heart fill with grief and guilt at her rotten plan and Sessho-maru felt tears sting his eyes.  He flicked the Aura in angry and it shattered in the ashes.  He cried and Inu-yasha was shocked to see it.  He then turned his eyes toward Kagome and lunged at her.
     “Wha...”  Kagome jumped backward and got cut in the arm.  It wasn’t big but she felt terribly bad for what she had done.  Inu-yasha was about to intervene when the earth began to shake and the ground erupted and a golden bird flew from the ground and up into the air.  It landed and turned into Achika only it wasn’t all her.  He hair was longer and she wore a beautiful gold Komono.  Her hair had a tint of gold in it and there where two gold strips and her cheeks.
     “Sessho-maru.”  She said holding out her arms to him.
     “How?!”  He said shocked and surprise but at the same time he took her into his arms and hugged her tightly to him.
     “Kagome you where right to burn me...only I would not come back because my soul had not been freed.  When you shattered the jewel on the rock, Sessho-maru, and freed it I became a new, full, phoenix demon.  And I know who I am, I remember everything now...and I believe we where about to get married.”  She said and he kissed her tenderly and Inu-yasha snorted but
couldn’t help but feel happy for his brother, privately.
     They all left and Miroku happily married off the two love, pardon the pun, birds.  Inu-yasha and Sessho-maru vowed to leave each other alone and get along like real brothers should.
     “What a perfect ending.”  Miroku said with smile.
     "No...A perfect Beginning.”  Kagome sighed as she watched the two fly off to their home.

                             The end!