The True Dog
    It was a quite peaceful day when the Inu-Yasha group decided to go for a swim.  It was nice and sunny and the heat was unbearable.  The girls where in there bikinis and the guys where in the shorts the girls had bought for them.  Miroku had complained at first because he had wanted to skinny dip but Steph and Kagome vouched against that.
    Sango on the other hand would have gladly joined him.  Inu-Yasha was sitting on a rock refusing to get into the water and the rest were swimming around with happy shouts and shocked cries every time some one splashed them with water.
    "Come on in Inu-Yasha, the water is nice and cool."  Kagome said swimming up at him.  He looked down at her and huffed.
    "I don't want to."  he said gruffly and turned his head away till he heard a distinct noise.  His ears perked and the noise sounded again.  He turned to see Steph holding a Squeeze toy.  He gulped.
    'Squeak, Squeak.'  It hissed as Steph squeezed it in her hand.  Inu-Yasha gulped again.
    Meanwhile in the path near the pond Sessho-Maru's ears turned to a noise.  His mouth twitched a little and her peered through the bushes to see his half brother and a short haired girl holding a toy in her hands ready to through.
    "You wouldn't."  Inu-Yasha said gulping once more before Steph gave a sly smile and tossed the toy into the water.  Inu-Yasha jumped into the water after the toy and Sessho-maru leapt from the bushes after it as well.
    The whole group laughed as the two boys fought over the toy.  Stephanie then removed a bag of jerky treats from her coat pocket and crinkled the bag.  Inu-Yasha ignored it and took the toy on Sessho-maru as Sessho-maru jumped out of the water and was in front of Steph.
    "Hay Steph instead of what would you do for a Klondike bar...What would he do for a treat?"  Kagome yelled tears of laughter running down her cheeks.
    "Yeah...What would you do?"  Steph asked.  "Beg for one."  She said.  Sessho-maru looked annoyed but when she went to burn the treat with a lit match he got on his knees and looked up at her with sorrowful eyes.
    "Please kind lady...Please give this poor pup a treat."  He said and almost disgusted himself with his actions.  Steph bent over and patted his head and gave him a treat.  Inu-Yasha looked on in disgust.  He was not as much as a dog as his older brother was and he would never be caught with a jerky in his mouth.
    Sessho-maru knawed on the treat happily and gulped it down.  "Now play dead."  Steph ordered holding out yet another treat.  Sessho-maru put a hand, the only one he has, to his head a made a juliet type faint "Oh woes me."  he said in a female voice and then let his tongue fall out the corner of his mouth.
    Steph applauded with Kagome, Sango, and Miroku as Inu-Yasha splashed around with the toy.  Steph flicked up the treat and Sessho-maru caught it in his hand and bit down on it fiercely.
    "What else would you do huh...?"  Steph said thinking naughty thoughts.  He looked at her through a stuffed mouth and gulped wondering what she had in mind.  "How about hug you little brother nicely or give some one a kiss."  Sessho-maru looked at the group and then back a Steph who held the treat.  So he, taking the easy way out hugged Inu-Yasha then got his treat.

    A few hours later Sessho-maru was on there side as long as the treats stayed plented and the girls sang around the campfire.  "The ants go marching one by one ha ra ha ra..."  and in the background all you could hear was the howling of the two brother, howling up at the moon.

The End