To Many Wonderful Inu-yasha Websites.
Luthien's Shop
    Whats here you ask.  Here you can find all you anime needs for buying stuff on the web in canadian prices. In cluding a lot on Inu-yasha stuff.  I was really happy to have found this place of course you do need a credit card for it but hey not everthing can be sent by money order.

Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi
    Whats here you ask.  This is my most favorite place to go.  It hold scans and details of all Inu-yasha Toubokun and it also hold all Inu-yasha translations up to date.  Very good page for those wholove to know what come next month before you will ever really see it.

Sengoku Jidia
    Whats here you ask.  This is another one of my favorite places cause it hold lots of great fanart, it has screen captures from the Inu-yasha anime, scans from Shonen Sunday, Updated a lot and very reliable.

On The Other side...
    Whats here you ask...gosh that getting old...  This place is great for scans on Inu-yasha DVD's, Inu-yasha trading cards, and the girl who own this page is really great.  What can I say.  I love this page.