Attension:  Look out cause soon I will be putting up a new character page were you can find pics, stats, the time the entered the  comics and much more.  I hope the new page will be more informative then the one I have below.  Thanks.


Kagome:  A normal high school girl who gets pulled back in time by a monstrous demon.  She is the reincarnation of a village priestess named Kikyo who had enchanted a half dog demon boy, Inu-Yasha, to a tree. Kagome set's him free and finds herself on a wild adventure to find the fragments of the Shikon Jewel shard.  Her and her grudging companion Inu-Yasha meet many foes and many friends on the way.  (And to me it looks like the stubborn dog boy is starting to soften, is Kagome the cause?)

Inu-Yasha: Inu-Yasha is a half demon.  He is after the Shikon Jewel so he can become a full demon. (or so he say's)  Him and Kikyo seemed to have something going on back before she pinned him to a tree with an enchanted arrow.  Inu-Yasha tends to get very nasty at times but he has his soft side.  However it is a rear occasion that you will see this pup smile.  He can be fowl mouthed but deep down I think he really does care.

Sessho-maru: Sessho-maru is the older, half brother of Inu-Yasha.  He is after the devil sword Tetsusaiga in which Inu-Yasha has.  He hate his brother very much and has tried to destroy him many a time but has failed each attempt.  Sessho-maru, some might say, looks like a girl but I assure you there is nothing girlie about him.  He is all man and he is cute.  ("That's just my opinion.")  Sessho-maru still remains a large enemy but nothing Inu-Yasha cannot handle.

Keade:  Keade is the village priestess of the same village Kikyo used to be the priestess of.  Keade is the younger sister of Kikyo.  She is the one responsible for the beads on Inu-Yashas neck.  ("I want a pair of those for Sessho-maru")

Kikyo:  Kikyo is the former Village Priestess of the village Keade lives in.  She was dead until this old women resurrected her.  Kikyo had been in love with Inu-Yasha but now want to kill him.  She is now a big enemy to our hero's and causes many of their problem.

Miroku:  Miroku is a perverted priest who tried to steal the chunk of the Jewel from Kagome but was caught.  He has some kind of air rip in his hand that was put there by a demon named Naraku.  Miroku, when he first met Kagome gave his famous line..."Will you bare my child?"  *giggle*  What a question...

Sango:  I'm not to familiar with this character but from what I do know is that she is very violent and her brother was killed by Naraku.  She is out for revenge and she is also the one who told the story of how the Jewel of four souls was made to the Inu-Yasha crowd.  She always carries around a boomerang.

Shippo:  Shippo is a fox demon and very young.  His father was killed by the Thunder Brothers, in whom Inu-Yasha killed after, and we don't know what happened to his mom.  (If anyone knows please tell me.)  He tags alone with Inu-Yasha and Kagome.  He is very cute and absolutely adorable.

Naraku:  Naraku is the one who split up the forming romance between Inu-Yasha and Kikyo.  He is out for the Skikon na tama and he seems to be on everyone revenge list.  He has to be the worst enemy in this series.  (I've seen pic's of this guy and if you think Sessho-maru looks like a girl then look again because Naraku is more girlie like then him.)

Kahoku: Is Sango's younger brother who is being kept alive by Naraku to use against Sango.  His only mean of survival is a shikon fragment embedded in his back.  Sango is trying to get him back.  Both him and his sister were demon exterminators.  (Hay there kind bug exterminators seeing Naraku is a spider.  Hee Hee.  ^-^)

Jaken: I cannot believe I forgot Jaken.  Ok Jaken is Sessho-maru advisor, sort of.  It not like Sess chan actually listens to him.  Ok so he's more of a servant That ok.  He's absolutly ugly he's not for the faint.

        The Characters below are copyright of me.  I created them and you will even see them in the lemons...hay a girl can dream can't she.

Crown: Is a slut.  Plain and simple.  She has long purple hair and big true blue eyes.  She likes to get it on with everyone she can.  But the group only knows this in the lemons not in the actual fanfics.

Stephanie: Steph, is a immortal girl from the future but is from another dimension then Kagome.  She has short, dark brown hair, and big blue eyes.  She is very perky but her and Inu-Yasha do not get along well.  She lives on Peanut Butter.  (Inu-Yasha always is stealing her Peanut Butter and get hit with a pan when he gets caught.)

Silver: Is Inu-Yashas younger, whiny sister.  They have the same mom and dad.  She has long Silver hair and her eyes are the color of Amber.  She likes the resurrected Thunder Brother, Hiten, in my Fan Fics.

Miyu: Is also a younger sister to Inu-Yasha but is somewhat man crazy.  When she is in a story Silver is Replaced by her and there really is no Silver.  She is not to whiny but is just like Sessho-maru for his ruthlessness.  She is half a demon like Inu-Yasha and she has long white hair with black stripes and gold eyes.  She will chase any man that is cute to her death.

Miyuka: She is Midroku's younger sister and she is out for revenge on Naraku, Only she falls in love with the guy and some how became immortal over the years.  She has ankle, long black hair and shocking blue eyes.

Jasmine: Is a toad demon who is Achika's retainer and she falls for Jaken,  (Yuck... oh well to her I guess he would be cute.)  She looks like Jaken only with a tiny chest and hair with long eyelashes.

Princess Achika: Is a Phoenix half demon who is very shy and bashful.  She can be deadly but only when she is extremely pissed.  She also becomes  a full demon when she is angry and when she is sad or confused she becomes a human.  She has shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes with two pink hearts on both cheeks that disappear when she is sad and turn to stripes when she is mad.  She has a phoenix tail and with that can be harmful weapons.

BlackRose: Steph deep down wants to be a demon so in some fan fic I made her to be or turn into a girl named Blackrose who looks like Steph only she has dog demon features.  She can get seductive but her main man is Sessho-Maru.

Melissa and Natasha: You will see these two people pop up as Stephanie's two best friends.  If you want to know more on them  read the stories.

Ashley: You will see this little girl in some of my fan fics.  She is Steph's little sister and she is quite adorable.  She is five years old.

Hiten: I didn't create this character but I do use him in the fan fic as being brought back from the dead.  He still has that taste for women though and he is out for revenge.

Ayeka: I one fan fic I have this character as Miroku's groping sister.  The air rip is only past on to the males in the family but this girl is no lady.  She look like a female Miroku because she is his twin sister.

Phyche: Is a girl who can see what is going to happen to people close to her a half hour before it happens.  She also has the ability to see into peoples pasts.  She can normaly only see the regret and bad things a person has seen, felt or did.  She has long waist dark brown hair and baby blue eyes, though her hair on one side covers her left eye.  She very kind and mean well.

Ruby: Ruby is a wolf spider demon who falls in love with Naraku.  She has green hair and green eyes.  She's not from the future but she meets Kagome who takes her into her time and she got clothes from there.  She,  beleive it or not has a keen fashion sence.

Nin-Gyo:  Nin-Gyo is a human women who is blind but keeps it a secret from everyone.  She becomes good friends with Inu-yasha and them in one of my stories and catches the hearts of someone unexpected.  She is kind and gentle but had a hard life as she was sold from lord to lord as a slave of labour.  Her father was the one who sold her because he didn't want a blind daughter and saw her as a curse.  He killed her mother thinking she was cursed.  He never told anyone of his daughter or that she was blind so he could catch a handsome price for her.