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Stories by Me (Achika)
 Tale of a Pheonix
My Achika Stories:
'Legend Becomes Reality'
'A Treasure in the Palm of His Hands part 1'
'A Treasure in the Palm of His Hands Part 2'
'A Treasure in the Palm of His Hands Part 3'

A humor Story:
'The True Dog'
My New IY Stroy for 2001/2002:
Chapter 1: Naraku’s Obsession.
Chapter 2: Midoriko’s Sword.
Chapter 3: Trials of the Heart.
Chapter 4: Sango’s Decision.
Chapter 5: Rin’s Plea.
Chapter 6: A silent prayer.
Chapter 7: A villages secret.
Chapter 8: Lady Nin-gyu.
Chapter 9: Fight for the Last Shard.
Chapter 10: The Power of Midoriko’s Sword.
Chapter 11: Kidnaped.
Chapter 12: The Location of the sword.
Chapter 13: The Quest to Shiroi Plains.
Chapter 14: Separated.
Chapter 15: Alliance.
Chapter 16: Banished.
Chapter 17: Choices.
Chapter 18: A World in Turmoil.
Chapter 19: Kagome’s scent.
Chapter 20: When the Shards are Made Whole.
Chapter 21: Inu-yasha - Demon!
Chapter 22: The Dark Past.
Chapter 23: A child is Born.
Chapter 24: Reunion.
Chapter 25: Powers from the Past.
Chapter 26: The Final Battle.
Chapter 27: Human are Demon? Past or Future?