My upsdates page
Feb 11th 2002
    I have finally added part one to my new Inu-Yasha story.

January 19th 2002
    I put up a new banner thingy I made my sucks cause it don't match my background but oh well.  I tried my best but I just don't have the program needed to make nice pics.  Maybe next time.  Thats all I don't update much Anipike still hasn't put a link up for my page.

Nov. 19th/2001
     I have posted the titles of the chapters of a story I am working on for the years 2001/2002  I have yet to name the story but the story itself will be coming soon.  Please read and review.  I will be taking down one of my old on going stories cause I lost all the summaries I had for it and can't remember what was supposed to happen next and until I find themI will not be writing anymore to that story.

My Fanfiction page Updated

Nov. 2nd/2001
    I made a links page, changed that background last month but I have no idea if anyone has been here since it was last closed down but I'm here to stay this time.  Thats about it for now till I get this place up on anipike.  At least then I will have a clue if someone is actually coming to my page.  Till then.  Ja ne.

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